LookSeeCity Customised Guides 

A vital part of any employee assistance programme.



• Lookseecity provides an engaging, modern way of managing assignees and cutting costs.
• Create your own video city guides mixing Lookseecity’s content with your own.
• Shape the site to fit company policy and ensure realistic expectations.
• Add, or remove, text, images and links.
• Brand the site with your own company logo and message.
• Upload your own videos or video diaries.
• Allow your staff to interact with each other targeting specific advice and information.
• Content can be updated quickly.
• You'll receive accurate usage reports.
• We’ll provide the template and take care of hosting and streaming.
• Giving you a password protected, web portal - free from advertising or sponsorship.
• You will save on Look-see visits, manage your assignee's expectations and reduce IT costs.

See a case study of how we created a customised guide for a major multinational moving its regional HQ to Singapore