Case Study:

A Customised guide to Singapore

Downtown view

One of our clients - a large multinational - was setting up a new regional HQ in Singapore and needed to ensure that the staff who were being relocated would be properly prepared.

Our client was especially concerned that the staff and their families, had a realistic idea of what to expect. One of the main concerns was assignment failure. Having gone to great lengths to find the right assignees and considerable expense to move them, along with their families, they didn't want it all to go horribly wrong in just a few months.

It wasn't simply a fear that the assignee might leave early - it was also the concern that a dissatisfied employee wouldn't perform effectively.

Latest technology. 

It was decided that all staff should be given a clear insight into the realities of life for an expat in Singapore. In order to get the message across our client wanted the most up to date communication method which could be easily shared and updated via the latest technology. A text based guide was likely to languish unread in the email junk folder while an on-line video guide could be easily accessed on a smartphone or a tablet. What's more you didn't have to speculate who was using the information, you could measure its effectiveness using on-line analytics. The solution was particularly obvious to anyone aged under thirty.

singapore front new comp             Singapore front new 2 comp

Given that our client was keen to show every side of life in Singapore, they were happy to use all the existing videos and content within our existing guide. In order to make the guide relevant to their staff we also filmed several new videos with the advance team who had been sent ahead to establish the new office.

Bespoke videos.

We filmed some new neighbourhood tours, which showed areas of the city that were particularly suited to the staff (and the relocation budget they could afford). We toured schools in the neighbourhoods and showed what an average commute would be like to the company's new down town office. We even showed the inside of the office and took a walk in the area around, visiting the nearest metro stations and buying lunch. If you want to understand what your new home and work place is going to be like there is nothing better than being shown around.

How the guides were used.

Using our well established, subscriber-only portal we removed the hassle of an in-house IT project. Staff about to make the move and new staff being recruited could spend their time looking around Singapore to acclimatise themselves. It was particularly useful for staff with children who wanted to see schools or spouses who needed advice on finding employment.

From the global mobility point of view the bespoke guide allowed HR to manage expectations and be kept informed of concerns. The site provided useful data on areas of particular concern or interest.

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