Expat Guides

Hong Kong

Hong Kong clings on to the southern coast of China at the point where the Pearl River Delta meets the South China Sea. A part of China, but still very distinct. Its history has fashioned its identity.


Singapore is one of Asia's fastest growing international centres and also, often described as, one of the worlds most expensive cities.


Shanghai is the most popular city in China for expats. As an important port in the Yangtze River Delta it has long had an international outlook.


As China's old imperial capital, Beijing has seen many waves of immigration over hundreds of years.


Tianjin is one of China's largest cities. An important port in the north of the country, the city has long been the maritime gateway to the capital Beijing.


London's relentless growth over many centuries has been fuelled by waves of immigration. Each group, that has called the city home, has left its mark

New York

The great bubbling metropolis of New York has the largest population of any city in the United States. Throughout its history it has been a major entry port for new immigrants.


Dubai's economy was kick started by the discovery of oil in 1966, it transformed the Emirate from a dusty trading post into a modern metropolis in rapid time.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi could be described as Dubai's more modest sibling. An older sister perhaps, who's more conservative, less flashy,  who prides herself on her cultural sophistication.


Bangalore, recently renamed Bengaluru, has been at the forefront of India's tech revolution. A city, that was famed for its moderate climate, parks and gardens, is changing fast.


Mumbai is described as India's commercial, financial .... and entertainment capital. With those magnetic qualities it's hardly surprising that the city acts as a draw for people from across the country and the world.


On the south western end of Lake Geneva, in the shadow of two mountain chains -the Alps and the Jura - and virtually surrounded by France.  Geneva is well known as an international city.


At the northern end of Lake Zurich and just 30 kilometers from the Alps, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It would appear to embody all the Swiss stereotypes. On the one-hand clean and efficient, on the other staid and ... boring. But there's more subtlety to Zurich than you might think.