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Abu Dhabi could be described as Dubai's more modest sibling. An older sister perhaps, who's more conservative, less flashy,  who prides herself on her cultural sophistication. Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi's residents are overwhelmingly foreign, so expats have a good chance of meeting people from their own cultures, if they wish. But there are some important rules to follow, which are not always obvious. Subscribe to the guide to find out more.


With over 50 separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping and much more. The videos include:

AbuDhabi Schools

The guide includes: An overview of the best international schools in Abu Dhabi, A tour of the British International School, Abu Dhabi.

AbuDhabi Lifestyle

The guide includes: Eating Out, shopping, Pets, The Louvre, Doing Business, A trip to Al Ain, The Club, Transport

AbuDhabi Neighbourhoods and Property

The guide includes: An overview of the favorite neighbourhoods for expats, A tour of Danet Neighbourhood, A tour of Masdar City, A tour of Sas Al Nakhl, Sun and Sky Towers. Advice for expats renting in Abu Dhabi, A tour of an apartment in Sky Tower, A tour of an apartment in downtown Abu Dhabi, A tour of an apartment on the Corniche, a tour of an upmarket gated community, a tour of a villa in a compound. 


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