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Bangalore, recently renamed Bengaluru, has been at the forefront of India's tech revolution. A city, that was famed for its moderate climate, parks and gardens, is changing fast. The influx of outsiders from around India and the world, has created a new face to the old colonial city. The changes have been both positive and negative. Let us show you what that means.  


With over 70 separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping and much more. The videos include:

Bangalore lifestyle

LIFESTYLE Videos include : Nightlife, Excercise, Eating Out,Trains and Tuk-tuks, Shopping, Veterinary Care, Religion, Markets, Health Care.

Bangalore Properties

The guide includes: An overview of the typical type of properties that expats rent, A tour of Palm Meadows, A tour of the Epsilon gated community, A tour of an apartment in central Bangalore

Bangalore Schools

The guide includes: An overview of the best international schools in Bangalore, A tour of Stonehill International School, A tour of Bangalore International School. 

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