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As China's old imperial capital, Beijing has seen many waves of immigration over hundreds of years. But this is a city both welcoming and wary of foreigners. For several decades in the twentieth century it was essentially closed to Westerners. Today the city has a thriving expat community that has learnt to live within certain restrictions and the drawbacks of China's rapid modernisation. Let us show you what that means.  


With over ninety separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping and much more. The videos include:

Beijing Property

We have tours of: A house in the Hutongs. A two bedroom apartment. A three bedroom apartment. A four bedroom town house. 

Beijing Schools

We have tours of: The British School of Beijing (Shunyi). Dulwich College Beijing. Harrow International School Beijing.

Beijing Neighbourhoods

We have tours of: Sanlitun. The Old City. Park Avenue. Riviera Compound.

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