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On the south western end of Lake Geneva, in the shadow of two mountain chains -the Alps and the Jura - and virtually surrounded by France.  Geneva is well known as an international city. In the 1920s it was chosen as the home of the League of Nations and it remains a major headquarters for the United Nations and other international organisations. It is also an important financial centre and an expensive place to live. Canny ex-pats use a number of tricks to make life affordable, such as living across the border in France. Almost half the population are foreign nationals, and Geneva is home to one of the original international schools. It helps to prevent Geneva slipping into Swiss parochialism that you can find elsewhere in the country.



With over 40 separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping and much more. The videos include:

Geneva lifestyle

LIFESTYLE: A weekend skiing, An afternoon skiing, Going out, Eating out, Parks and beaches, Transport, Shopping.

Geneva schools

SCHOOLS: International School of Geneva - La Grande Boissiere, International School of Geneva - Campus Des Nations, Institut International de Lancy.

Geneva Neighbourhoods

PROPERTY/NEIGHBOURHOODS: A suburban house, An apartment in the centre, Across the border in France, International Geneva, Champel, Lausanne.


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