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Hong Kong clings on to the southern coast of China at the point where the Pearl River Delta meets the South China Sea. A part of China, but still very distinct. Its history has fashioned its identity. Capitalist in nature and name - it is one of the world's leading financial centres. It is also one of the most densely populated areas in the world, compressed into a compact area mainly on the mountain slopes of Hong Kong Island and parts of the Kowloon Peninsula. This urban concentration is both a positive and negative influence on lifestyle. Although Hong Kong is also made up of 200 islands and a surprising number of secluded bays and park land.

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Take a peek inside the Hong Kong guide

With over forty separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping, commuting and much more. The videos include:

  • Hong Kong Schools

    Hong Kong Schools

    We have tours of:

    South Island School

    Australian International School

    English Schools Foundation


  • Hong Kong Neighbourhoods

    Hong Kong Neighbourhoods

    We have tours of:

    Wan Chai, street market

    Repulse Bay


  • Hong Kong Property

    Hong Kong Property

    We have tours of:

    3 Bedroom Duplex, in Mid Levels

    Apartment Club, including gym, sauna,

    children's playground and swimming pool

    3 Bedroom apartment, in Waterfall Bay.

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