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Mumbai is described as India's commercial, financial .... and entertainment capital. With those magnetic qualities it's hardly surprising that the city acts as a draw for people from across the country and the world. It is now India's most populous city, which accounts for many of Mumbai's lifestyle, transport and housing challenges. It's a city of great contrasts from the large "slum" at its centre to the genteel seaside neighbourhoods, which remain in a sort of nineteenth century bubble. But Mumbai's young, dynamic, middle class is carving out its own version of the city - often in unexpected places. We'll show you all the faces of Mumbai.


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Take a peek inside the Mumbai guide

With over forty separate videos and scores of participants we'll show you schools, neighbourhoods, apartments, recreation, nightlife, transport, shopping, commuting and much more. The videos include:

  • Mumbai lifestyle




    Eating Out

    A day trip to Alibaugh

    Trains and Tuk-tuks

    Precautions in the Kitchen


    Non-resident Indians

  • Mumbai schools


    The American School in Bombay

    The French International School, Mumbai

    Podar International School

  • Mumbai Property/neighbourhoods


    A large apartment in Bandra

    A 3 bed apartment with a seaview

    A 2 bed in a quiet street

    A 3 bed in Khar


    Bandra/Pali Hill


    The Mills of Lower Parel

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