The Lookseecity VR app


This is the culmination of our work so far - a VR app which will help the Global Mobility industry overcome some of its most persistent and expensive problems. The app is immersive - allowing users to absorb the full impact of their new homes. It is also interactive - enabling users to choose guidance from the existing library of Lookseecity videos and other content.This combination creates an entirely new self-learning process which is compelling and instructional.

Each guide can be created to your clients' specification and the data gathered can be used to identify ways of improving customer satisfaction. 

The app can be used to enhance existing practices and streamline others. It works particularly well in these areas:


The app allows assignees and their families the most realistic experience of their new cities, before they leave home. For example, they can stand in a local market and look around to see what products are available, then, if they wish, they can summon a video which will show an expert explaining the dos and don'ts of buying. All within an absorbing virtual world. The app helps to reduce culture shock and streamlines existing "looksee" and orientation processes - offering considerable savings. 

Cross Cultural Training 

Assignees can work their way through scenarios which highlight the major cultural differences of their new home. For example, immersed in a business meeting, the user can take part in realistic role play, using gaming to make choices. Users are better prepared to "hit the ground running" when they start their assignment.

Experiential Learning 

VR creates realistic experiences that can be blended with existing training programmes. It can also be used to reinforce learning after the training programme has been completed - helping to ensure a sustainable change in behaviour.   


The app can be used to help assess the suitability of candidates for an assignment. It could be used as a highly effective tool to add to the existing selection process. Data analysis from motion tracking, for example, is already being used to assess a candidate's response to critical situations.  

To give you an idea of how the app works we've created this "walk through" video. Of course, it is in 2D, thus substantially reducing the impact of the VR experience. 

The best way to get the full impact of the app is to contact us for a proper VR demonstration

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