Virtual Onboarding Demo

The Lookseecity Virtual Onboarding programme will take you through a series of experiences which we call "Rooms". Each Room allows team members to get to know one another and learn about the work/life issues that may not be obvious when you're working together, but separated by thousands of miles. In this demo we show a typical Virtual Onboarding session with a variety of Rooms.

Connect team meeting 

The Team Meeting

Connect Team Meeting

At the start of the meeting we bring all the participants together to welcome the new assignee and give them a virtual tour of the office and the neighbourhood it's in. The new virtual assignee may never visit the office, so understanding the working environment of team members is an important way of building a rapport. For example when someone says "the metro was crowded this morning" it will be easier to visualise what that means. Or when a teammate says "I had an excellent Baozi for lunch" you'll know it's a Chinese steam bun. 

  coffee logo   

The Coffee Shop

Connect story

Imagine sitting in the coffee shop as Javier describes the way he gets about Shanghai on his electric scooter. In this coffee shop you also have the benefit of seeing what he's describing. We watch as he drives through the former French Concession on his way to the office - weaving through the traffic without a helmet. We talk to Javier, live, to learn more about his life in the city. Each of the team films something about their lifestyles that you wouldn't learn in the normal course of a working day.

Connect chat     

The Culture Clinic

Connect culture

Without living in their country of work, virtual assignees often find it hard to pick-up on cultural differences. In the Cultural Clinic an expert in cross cultural communication explains some of the main factors to be aware of. In this example we look at the key features of Chinese business etiquette - backed up with quizzes and polls. Individual questions are answered live and there's even a section on business meals and chop stick etiquette - using video explainers.

water cooler   

The Water Cooler

Connect WaterCooler

Finally a chance to interact together "around the water cooler". A breakout session for groups of team members who want to share specific ideas which don't fall into the normal constraints of daily meetings. The idea is to allow a free flow of ideas to stimulate innovation and create new links between team members.

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